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Asheville Pocket Guides

We think our region is special so we try our best to create a very unique but resourceful guide. Our guides are interactive which means we include a variety of multimedia options for each corridor we highlight. We realize some folks prefer a handy-dandy print guide – one that fits in their pocket so we try to pack a pocket full of information whether it’s our coaster guide, website or mobile responsive pocket guide.

Some say our printed version is a point-of-passage — the message in the bottle, or the hand drawn map that leads you towards enchantment. Years ago, I was vagabonding along the California coast. I only had a few dollars in my pocket but lots of time on my hand when I asked a young surfer where I could camp for a few days. He ran over to his VW microbus, sketched out a map and pointed me in the right direction. I spent several lovely days in Monterey Bay camping in an artichoke farm perched above the Pacific Ocean.

In some ways, a simple overview is more useful than a detailed map, so we take the surfer dude’s lead to navigation and guide you effortlessly to unique spaces with our folding pocket guide.

The website is our base camp. We store our gear; post the latest, greatest local happenings; connect with friends and invite you to hang out with us. Think of us as a hostel instead of a lodge but please wash your own dishes. And like a hostel, we welcome all people, all ages and all kinds – dogs too! That’s what makes Asheville, well, Asheville and our website well, Asheville. Our bloggers love our funky town and our community! And, so talented, let me tell you.

Finally, for those who travel with adventure in their hearts and a guide in their pocket BUT prefer to go paperless, mobile and on the go-man-go, we proudly offer our mobile responsive guide. If our printed guide begins the cookie crumb navigation, this cool mobile friendly guide is like a spellbound cruise on an electric bike – easy breezy. Most folks get started with the coaster version then transcend to the other side with their ‘connecting corridors’ mobile device. The possibilities are endless like they say but we hope you find all of our platforms welcoming, easy to use and resourceful. If you do, please let our partnering businesses know along your next corridor journey.