The Asheville Pocket Guide

Connecting People to Unique Places

Everything about Asheville is special, making the act of picking our first Connecting Corridor’s project difficult. But after some deliberation, it became exceedingly clear: the French Broad River!

It’s our hometown river, and one of only two in the country that meander predominately north. A mighty river for Southern Appalachian standards, the French Broad’s water, fertile valleys and forested banks have provided a bounty of resources for generations—creating a dynamic relationship between it and Western North Carolina’s people. It snakes a course a whopping 117 miles through our state. A river runs through us, and those of us that run the river quickly discover it gives back time and time again.


In other words, if the mountains surrounding Asheville are the soul of our region, then the French Broad River and its revitalized landscape is the heartbeat of WNC.

That’s why our first Asheville Pocket Guide features a sweet little stretch of the river and land from Hominy Creek to Glenn Creek. There’s a buzz going on with this 6-mile linear corridor, and we’re going to share that excitement with you.

Of course, we plan on exploring and interpreting other corridors, too. Some will be geographical in nature, while others—like our next planned journey through Asheville’s coffee houses and café culture—will be conceptual passageways around a common thread or theme.

We’re connecting corridors one pocket guide at a time. Please join us as we navigate through rivers, craft breweries, art galleries, music halls, greenways, city streets, back alleys and more.